How to find gold, diamond and other materials in Minecraft

Next, we’ll see how to find gold and other minerals in Minecraft which are very important to be able to advance in the game, at least in survival mode. Minerals in Minecraft are essential to be able to make different types of tools. From the most basic ones like picks, axes, armors, etc. to watches to give you a little idea.

How to find gold, diamond and other materials in Minecraft

Getting them sometimes (depending on the material) can be a real headache. That’s why in this article we will leave a small guide so you can find them intelligently without having to investigate the huge world of the game that is constantly growing.

Obviously some of these minerals are going to be more complicated to find than others. It is not the same to try to find iron as it is to try to find diamond, the latter is quite scarce in comparison and it is not for less because it is the most coveted and useful of all.

That’s why we’re going to look in detail at where to find and get gold and all the other mineral materials that are available at Minecraft. Pay close attention, as we’ll be talking about each of them in detail.

How to find minerals in Minecraft

Finding the minerals in Minecraft can require a lot of patience and luck depending on what you’re looking for. We’ll go into detail about where you can find each of them below.

How to find coal

Coal is too easy to find and very useful. We will need it to create torches and to use the oven. This way we will be able to create different basic tools. Carbon can be found from layer 128 onwards, which means that it can be anywhere.

How to find iron

This material is quite common within everything and comes to be very useful for creating armor and different tools. It is resistant and has an excellent performance, what you must keep in mind is that, when you find it, you must use a stone pick or higher. If you use a wooden one you will not get anything.

We can get it from layer 64, this means that we will find it from sea level down. Remember that to be able to use it we must use the oven and for that we will need coal.

How to find gold

To extract the gold we will need an iron spike or higher. Even if you don’t think it’s that important in terms of tools and armor because they break quickly unlike iron. It can be found from layer 32 onwards.

How to get all the minerals in Minecraft

How to find lapis lazuli

Between layers 23 and 25 you can find this mineral which does not need to be melted to be used. However, we need a stone pick or higher to be able to extract it. However, it is quite simple to find this material.

How to find red stone

It is found from layer 15 onwards, usually near lava. This mineral can be used in its natural state and it is essential to have an iron peak to extract it. It can be useful for a large number of artifacts.

How to find diamond

Without a doubt it is the most complicated and sought-after mineral for all players. With it we can manufacture an infinity of tools and armors, the most resistant and with better statistics. It is possible to get it from layer 12 and we need an iron spike or higher to extract it.

You must take into account that it is quite complicated to find a diamond, it generally appears diagonally. This means that we have to go deeper around the first block if we want to find more.

Remember that if you have any kind of question about minerals in Minecraft you can leave it a little lower in the comment box and we will be happy to answer it.

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