How to make a campfire in Minecraft

The campfire is an added item in Minecraft. Its main use is to cook up to 4 foods that we get by killing animals at once. Besides that, the fire is used as a decorative block to put in your constructions and as a guide to recognize a place in the distance. You can also make a campsite with the fire and make a fireplace.

How to make a campfire in Minecraft

Campfire Uses - Tricks

With the fire or campfire we can cook up to 4 foods at the same time that we get killing animals, this is very useful when we want to cook animals.
The fire does not require fuels for cooking. 
In comparison to the oven and the smoker, in the bonfire you can cook up to 4 foods while in the other 2 only 1.
There is also another method for cooking animals which is killing animals with a sword with a burning aspect, a lighter or with an arch with a flame, when killing animals with one of these objects it will give us the cooked meat.
If you pass over a fire it will take away the damage, this can be useful if you want to make the trap with that.
The campfire or bonfire is able to light up at night like lava, lighthouse, torch.
In the villages you can find a bonfire.
The fire emits a smoke that is able to pass through different objects.
You can make the fire and then use it as a reference for a place where you want to go again. The smoke it emits is capable of being seen from long distances.
With a block of hay you can make the smoke reach further.
You can put out the fire with a shovel or water and to light it you need a lighter.
You cannot use the hopper to automate the cooking of the food in the fire. 
The fireplace looks like it is used as a decorative block to decorate the outside of things like a campsite or a fireplace. the campfire is the best!

Campfire Recipe - Crafting

1 coal.
3 sticks.
3 wood trunks.

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