How to make a fletching table in Minecraft

The fletching table is an added item in Minecraft. This block has no concrete use yet, but it’s rumored to have some updates. In the meantime we just have to wait to see what kind of use this fabulous block is going to have.

Fletching Table Uses – Tricks

On the fletching table you can still do nothing, but it is rumored that within a couple of updates will have a concrete use and we can give more uses to this great object
For now, if you give an unskilled villager a table of arrows, he will become a villager with an arrow. By doing this you will be able to trade with him.
For now it is only used to decorate your house or any other decorative sector.
You can find the table of arrows in the different villages that are in the game.
Like the blacksmith’s table, are blocks that will have a future use in the game. For now it only remains to put them in a place to be used as a decorative block or to give it to a villager without trade and then trade with him.

Fletching Table Recipe – Crafting

2 flints.
4 woods.

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