How to make a Stonecutter in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the best open world games that exist today and has conquered markets on various platforms such as Windows 10 where it is possible to place a direct access so you do not lose sight of the acclaimed video game. The peculiarity of minecraft is that it has acquired a fan base of all ages.

How to make a Stonecutter in Minecraft

Another reason why this game has been so successful is because they have been constantly updating it and adding new features to improve gameplay. Among the most recent updates is the new workblock called stone cutter designed to reduce the amount of crafted table.

With this new block you can build any type of block related to the stone and similar blocks such as quartz or engraving. This block is very important for certain constructions and know how to crafte it is essential in your world. In addition, the players have a backpack where they keep various tools needed in the game.

So we invite you to pay careful attention to this article so you can learn how to crafte this important block quickly and easily. After watching the process you will be able to create any kind of stone block without any problem within your game.

What does the stone cutter do?

Before starting with the explanation of how to crafty the stone cutter block we are going to talk a little about the stone cutter block and the functionalities it has. The stone cutter block allows us to perform various operations later, such as building a stone bridge, among other necessary things.

Among the main blocks that can be removed with the stone cutter are the stone staircase blocks, the stone brick blocks, the stone faience, the chiseled stone block and many other blocks related to stones. The materials that you will need to elaborate this work block are a work table 1 iron ingot and 3 stone ones.

The work table is obtained by cutting wood and turning it into wooden boards and then grouping them in the four squares of your inventory. You can crafte it with any type of wood as long as they are the same type and are wood boards.

To get the wood ingot you must mine this material in a cave and then cook it in an oven to obtain the ingot. For the stone you simply have to chop stone with any kind of pick and then cook it in an oven.

Once you have all the materials you just need to apply the recipe of the stone cutter block that we are going to show you next. The recipe we are going to provide you is for the latest version of Minecraft so if you don’t have it updated we suggest you do it so you don’t have any problem.

How to encrypt the stone cutting block?

The recipe that you must apply to have the block cutter is very simple and with the necessary materials in a two by three you will have your cutter stone to craftear all types of blocks of stone. So follow the steps that we will provide below so you do not have any problem crafting it.

Step 1

The first step you must do is to place yourself on the work table by right clicking on it to open the table’s crafty interface. Once you click on it, it will look like the working area composed of 9 boxes where you will place the materials needed to create the stone cutting block.

Step 2

To delimit the stone cutter block you must place the stone blocks by making a horizontal line in the center of the work table interface. Then place the ingot in the center of the top line on top of the stone blocks you just placed.

And that’s it, once you have placed the materials in the right way, the stone cutter block should appear and you just have to take it off the work table. We hope that this guide has been useful and you have not had any problems.

The stone is a very variable element within the game, we even find variations such as the smooth stone that can be crafted to make other constructions that will be different from the rest of the players.

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