How to make an Enchanted Table in Minecraft

One of the best ways to get stronger, loot faster and look cooler Minecraft is to enchant your items, but to do that you need an enchantment table. In a new Minecraft survival file, getting the items needed to build an enchantment table is often one of the main goals of players. But building an enchantment table is not as simple as building a crafting bench or an oven. It takes a little more than that, and here’s how to do it.

How to make an Enchanted Table in Minecraft

Craft Recipe

  • 4 obsidian (bottom row and central square)
  • 2 diamonds (left and right of the central square)
  • 1 pound (above the central square)

How to get each item

Most players will not have an enchanting table at the beginning of the game, because to create one you will need to have found quite a few diamonds. But once you do, it’s fairly simple to figure out how to get the rest.


There are two main ways to obtain books. First, he makes them from three papers and a leather. For this, you must have found sugar cane, because three sugar canes in a row make three papers. The leather you can most often get from cows, but also from horses, donkeys, mules, hoglins and if you don’t mind combining four rabbit skins, rabbits.


Diamonds are the rarest ore in the outside world and are most often found at coordinates y 10 and 11. They can only be mined with one or more iron picks, and in order to create an enchanting table, although there are only two in the craft recipe itself, you will need to find at least five.


The reason for the three extra diamonds is that you need obsidian. Obsidian is created by mixing water with lava and can only be extracted with one or more diamond picks. Once you have built your diamond pickaxe and collected four blocks of obsidian, you will have everything you need.

After you have created your enchantment table, it is best to place it in a room with 15 shelves placed in a square of two blocks around the table itself (as shown in the thumbnail). This will allow you to use enchantments up to level 30.

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