How to make scaffolding in Minecraft

The scaffolding is an added item in Minecraft. Its main use is to go up and down and be able to move around when you need to, without the need for stairs or other building blocks. Besides that, scaffolding is used as a decorative block in houses as elevators, mines, nether, etc. It is also used to make constructions that are made in survival, as support.

Scaffolding Uses – Tricks

With the scaffolding you can easily make an elevator and transport yourself by it. You can go up, down and move around on whatever the scaffold is placed.
There are other methods you can use if you want to get up and down from one side to the other. You can use stairs, water, lava, cinderblock and building blocks, tracks, etc.
This item has gravity just like the anvil and the lantern, but with the difference that if you put one scaffold next to another that scaffold no longer has gravity. It only has gravity when it is placed to a block that is not the scaffolding, that is, any other block.
Just like water, the bed, the slime block, wash. You can cushion your fall when you fall from very high.
You can make hidden entrances and traps with the scaffolding.
If you break a scaffold, all the scaffolds that were supported by that scaffold will begin to fall.
Because you cannot put water on the nether. You can use scaffolding to move around without worrying.
You can make large constructions in survival using the scaffolding as a support to make the constructions. In real life the main function of the scaffolding is that.
If you want to put several scaffolding on top of each other, you have to touch with the scaffolding in the main hand right click and the scaffolding will start to be put on top of each other.

Scaffolding Recipe – Crafting

1 thread.
6 bamboos.

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