How to make the barrel in Minecraft

The barrel is an added item in Minecraft. Its main use is to store objects in it like normal copper, but you can't make a double barrel like the chest. Apart from that the barrel is used as a decorative block. It can send out Redstone signals, which is very useful if you want to farm with it. You can also use it to give a trade to a villager who does not have one.

How to make the barrel in Minecraft

Barrel Uses - Tricks

In the barrel you can store objects as if it were a chest, but they are not the same, there are several differences that make them different.
Barrels compared to caskets do not need a space to be opened. They can also be placed in any way.
One disadvantage of the barrels is that you can't put two barrels together to make a bigger space, the same is true for Ender's chest.
If you break a barrel, the objects inside will fall to the ground.
The barrels look good if you put them on the floor and you can organize your things better if you do that.
 You can put a hopper on the barrel, to farm and save time in the game.
When you put an object in the barrel you send a Redstone signal, this is very useful if you want to make farms, traps, secret entrances, etc.
If you give an unskilled villager a barrel he becomes a sinful villager. By doing this you will be able to trade with him.

Barrel Recipe - Crafting

2 wooden slabs.
6 woods.

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