How to make the blast furnace in Minecraft

The blast furnace is an added item in Minecraft. Its main use is to melt the minerals that are within the game, which are the gold and iron ore. Apart from that the blast furnace cooks twice as fast as the oven, but you can only cook minerals. It is also used as a decorative block in houses.

How to make the blast furnace in Minecraft

Blast Furnace Curiosities - Uses - Tricks

In the blast furnace you can cook twice as fast as the oven, remembering that it also spends more fuel in less time.
You can only cook gold and iron ores inside the blast furnace.
To cook the minerals in the blast furnace you need fuel that you can find in the set (coal, wood and element created through wood, seaweed, lava, etc.). Depending on the fuel you can make more or less objects, the most used is the coal, with it you will be able to cook or melt 8 items.
You can use the hopper to make an automatic blast furnace so that you don't have to be putting in the minerals all the time and you can make something else.
Even though it uses more fuel and the time it takes to make the ores is less compared to the furnace. It's better to have a blast furnace if you want to cook a lot of minerals.
There are 3 types of ovens: normal oven, blast furnace and smoker.
There are different variants if we want to cook animals like the fire that will release the meat once it is cooked. You can also kill animals with a sword with a burning aspect, a lighter or with an arch with a flame, killing animals with one of these objects will give us the cooked meat.
The smoker acts just like the blast furnace cooks faster and consumes more fuel, with the difference that the smoker is used to cook only the meat of the animals.
If you give an unskilled villager a blast furnace he becomes an armor-smithing villager. By doing this you will be able to trade with him.

Blast Furnace Recipe - Crafting

1 oven.
3 smooth stones.
5 iron bars.

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