How to make the composter in Minecraft

The composter is an added item in Minecraft. Its main use is to have the ability to give you bone dust when it is completely filled. Apart from that the composter can be used by the villagers, it works as a decorative block and can send Redstone signals, this is very useful if we want to make Redstone mechanisms with it.

How to make the composter in Minecraft

Curiosities - Uses - Tricks

In the composters you can fill them with wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat, carrots, beets, potatoes, seaweed, etc. When you do this you will get a bone dust. It is not yet calculated how many things are needed to fill the composter, but we hope that within a couple of updates it will become known.

You can use the hopper to make an automatic composter so you don't have to be putting in waste all the time and you can do something else.

When the composter is empty you can get inside it, you can also get chickens and bad mobs that are inside the game.

You can not put water in the empty composter.

The composter can send a redstone signal, which is very useful if you want to make food farms with Redstone mechanisms. Such as making secret entrances 

If you give an unskilled villager a compost bin, he becomes a farmer's villager. By doing this you will be able to trade with him.

The composter is used as a decorative block to make different places such as: the bathroom of the house.

Repice - Crafting

(The mapping is positioned as shown in the image)
4 wooden fences.
3 woods.

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