How to make the shulker box in Minecraft

The shulker box is an added item in Minecraft. Its main use is to have the ability to store things inside it as in a barrel, normal chest or ender, but they are not the same. Apart from that the shulker box can be broken without losing anything and you can take it wherever you want, it’s the same as a backpack. To get the pieces of the shulker box you will have to kill the dragon, so it will not be so easy to get this object.

Shulker Box Uses – Tricks

With the shulker box you can store objects and take them wherever you want.
If you break the shulker box, the objects that are stored there will not be released. But they remain inside.
When you get to the right place you can put the shulker box. When you put it you will be positioned the items as you left them.
There are other places where you can keep your things like in the barrel, normal box, ender box and hopper.
To get the shulker shell (a necessary item to make the shulker box), you have to kill the shukers you find in the end. But not on the platform where you go when you make the end portal, but going to the portal that is formed once killing the dragon (not the one in the center, is the one that appears randomly in the sky).
Shulkers are bad mobs and their power is to throw a kind of ball that when it touches you it takes you up for a few seconds, so be careful and don’t try not to touch those white balls, because at a great height it could cause your death.
You can customize your shulker box with the 16 colors that exist within the game.

Shulker Box Recipe – Crafting

1 chest.
2 shulker shells

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