Minecraft Fastest Way to Get XP 2020

In Minecraft, experience is an essential aspect of ensuring you become continually more robust in the struggle for survival. It’s useful for several reasons. You can spend it repairing and enchanting items, and if you have a repair enchantment on something, collecting experience orbs will repair the item on which you have that enchantment.

Minecraft Fastest Way to Get XP 2020

Fortunately, there are many ways to gain experience. Killing crowds, extracting orbs, melting and breeding animals are the most common ways to gain experience, but these methods can take some time. They may be useful for less experienced players or for those who are not concerned about getting the best equipment, but hardcore players may want to explore other options to quickly increase their levels. Bottle o ‘Enchantments, on the other hand, can give tons of experience if you collect several bottles and use them at once, but acquiring them can take a long time or require you to exchange a lot of materials with villagers, so we don’t do that. necessarily recommends following this path.

To gain experience in an effective and efficient way, you will want to do construction. If you have just started a world, play as you would normally do in the beginning. Once you have built a decent home area and have some resources, you should gain some respectable experience on your own. At this point, it’s time to start creating more efficient ways to collect XP orbs. Here are some of the fastest ways to gain experience in Minecraft.

Building a Mafia farm

This is probably the most common form of rapid experience collection. Although you can go out in the dark and fight various crowds for experience, it requires a lot of movement and you put yourself in danger. Instead, consider setting up a situation where crowds are automatically dumped into a small area where you can quickly eliminate them.

There are many different ways to create a monster farm, and you can find hundreds or even thousands of videos on YouTube explaining how to create the “best” experience farm, so be sure to explore your options and see what works best for you based on the type of work you want to put into it.

For a monster farm accessible at the beginning of the game, watch the video below from Dusty Dude. The only essential materials for this construction are five piles of wood planks or paving stones, easy to assemble, and a little water. Of course, to make the collection process profitable, you can add to the farm as you collect more resources.

Find a monster spawner

A simple and effective way to create one is to find a sire in the world. Your best bet to find one is to search underground or go down and find a flame spawner in a fortress in the Nether. Before you leave, make sure you have at least four torches, buckets of water, fence posts or slabs and blocks to build the room to your specifications.

Unfortunately, even Silk Touch picks cannot pick up broodstock, so make sure you DO NOT break them down. When you find the broodstock, no matter what monster it is named after, it will appear and attack you continuously. Place torches on each side of the block to prevent the crowds from momentarily breeding and kill any crowds in the room. Make sure the torches are connected to the spawner itself and not to the floor.

Now that it’s safe, it’s time to set up the room so that the crowds fall into an area where you can safely kill them. This is where the water is useful. Crowds can’t swim against the current of a water source block, so make sure it pushes them into a small alcove you’ve made to gather them.

Now that you have a gathering point for the crowds, go to the other side of where they are gathering and take out all the blocks and place your fence post or slab in its place. This prevents the crowds from escaping, but you can always hit them and collect any orbs or objects they drop.

For a relatively easy breeding farm experience, watch the video below from TheStickz6. It uses most of the methods mentioned above but goes further by transporting the zombies to a different section so that they suffer fall damage using soul sand. All of this allows you to kill crowds faster when you want to gain experience.

Build a wheat garden next to a cow or sheep pen.

An easy way to gain experience without too much work is to raise cows or sheep. Of course, at first the output will be minimal, but the more animals you have, the more orbs you will get. First, capture two cows or sheep (or both) and place them in a fenced area. Now start breaking the tall grass until you start getting seeds. Make a hoe and start ploughing the soil near your animal pen. Plant the seeds and eventually you will start growing wheat. If things take too long, you can put bone meal on the growing plants to produce it instantly.

Now that you have wheat, go to your cows and sheep and feed them. This will put them in breed mode (you’ll know this from the hearts that pop up around them). Once in this mode, they will take care of the rest, as long as there is another animal of the same kind around them. Once the baby is born, you will gain experience.

As you start to develop your collection of animals, make sure you also expand your garden to get more wheat to feed them. Every time you break down an adult wheat stalk, you will also gain extra seeds, so this process is extremely easy. Whenever you see that your wheat field is fully developed, pick it up and give it to your animals. If you want more experience quickly, you can also kill the animals to get objects from them.

Set up a commercial market with the villagers

Exchanging objects with the villagers is a sure way to gain a lot of experience. As you trade with them, they will take it to the next level and offer more business opportunities (until they run out of supplies). First, gather the villagers together in separate enclosures so that they do not run away or be attacked by crowds. For added protection, make iron golems in the area. Each golem will protect up to ten villagers. In the envelope, place a bed for each villager so that they can sleep and restore their trade resources the next day.

Keep in mind the occupation of the villagers, as the items they want will change according to this. We recommend that you make as many village farmers as possible, as they are probably the easiest items to collect. To make the villagers into farmers, leave a composter next to their beds. When they have the straw hat, you can exchange garden items with them, so build a farm so you can continue to look after them.

If you prefer to have villagers with different occupations, here is a list of all the other blocks you will need to exchange the composter with.

Armourer: Blast Furnace

Butcher: smoker

Cartographer: Mapping Table

Clerc: Brewing stand

Fisherman: barrel

Fletcher: Fletching table

Tanner: Cauldron

Librarian: Lectern

Stonemason: stone mason

Shepherd: loom

Toolmaker: Forging table

Weapon Manufacturer: Grindstone

To raise more villagers, have two in the same building, each with their own bed. Unlike raising other crowds, villagers must search for food. You can’t feed them directly, so throw food on the ground, and they will pick it up and eventually go into romance mode. This process can take some time, so leave the food with them and do something else for a while. Finally, a village baby will appear. Make sure he has his own bed, and when he grows up, you can put the right block with him to give him the job you want. Build your collection of villagers to create more business opportunities.


Although it may seem slow and uneventful, fishing in Minecraft is a very effective way to gain experience fairly quickly. First, make a fishing rod from three sticks and two ropes and find any body of water. If you wish, you can even move a block of water source and fish on it.

If you don’t know how fishing works in Minecraft, it’s pretty simple. Throw your bobber in the water. When all the bobber goes underwater, press the cast button again, and you’ll roll into a fish, junk or treasure with experience.

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